Laser Pen detector of hidden cameras

160,000.00 Ex VAT

Laser Pen detector of hidden cameras + GSM and WiFi listening devices















Product description

Laser pen detector of hidden cameras, wireless Wi-Fi cameras, listening devices and GPS locators in cars for your 100% privacy. The detector uses passive, wireless and infrared technology to detect devices. It can detect eavesdropping devices, GPS locators in the car, wireless Wi-Fi cameras, pinhole cameras, classic cameras, electric radiation and much more.

Thanks to this device, you can effectively prevent eavesdropping, secret filming and misuse of personal information. The detector has an automatic search function, an alert is triggered if a suspicious device is found. It has a signal strength indicator, so you can quickly find a hidden device. The sensitivity of the sensor can be set to 4 levels. The detector has 4 detection modes: 1. laser detection, 2. vibration – silent detection, 3. sound detection – beep, 4. detection using 4 LEDs.


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