Prevectron 3 TS25

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Indelec Lightning Rod Prevectron 3 TS25













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Indelec lightning rod Prevectron 3 TS25
The new lightning rod Prevectron 3® is a significant advance in lightning protection.

Based on users’ feedbacks and years of research and development, INDELEC proposes an innovative approach for the maintenance of its Prevectron3 range of Early Streamer Emission lightning rods: a modular design offering a wide range of solutions to meet all sites requirements and clients’ maintenance expectations:

Remote testing module compatible with all Prevectron3 models, from 60 to 10µs.
The same module can be fixed on site on a Prevectron3 air terminal already installed.
Clients can choose the T module for remote testing of the lightning rod or the advanced TC module that includes both remote testing and lightning flash counting capabilities.
User-friendly remote control featuring a large high quality LCD color screen gathering all necessary information and displaying the conditions of all the lightning rods on site (each rod is designated by its Serial Number).
Powerful wireless communication protocol to test the rods up to 100 meters distance and more.

The Prevectron 3® integrates for the first time the patented Optimax technology developed by Lightning Innovation and Research Institute LiRi.
Indelec Lightning Arrestor units are made under guidance of sharp minded professionals. In addition to this, these presented products are excellent in quality and remain unaffected for many years. These products are reliable and show efficient performance. We charge lesser cost for this arrestor.

The Prevectron 3® becomes:
The world’s most accredited Early Streamer Emission lightning conductor
The first lightning conductor UL Certified
The first modular lightning rod in which each circuit is assembled independently
Testable on site without disassembling
100% made in UK
The first lightning rod enjoying an eco-design and 100% recyclable
Easy to use
Longer life working


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