Jump Start Cable

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Heavy Duty Jump Start Cable 2000 Amp 4m Long Jump















Heavy Duty Jump Start Cable 2000 Amp 4m Long Jump

2000 AMP Emergency Power Start Cable Quality Booster Jumper Cable Heavy Duty Car Battery Jumper Booster Line Copper Wire

Product Description


The specific connection steps are as follows

(1) First clamp the red wire of the start line on the positive pole of the red battery of the “faulty car”

(2) Then clamp the red wire on the other end over the red battery anode of the “rescue car”

(3 It is recommended to place the black wire on the body of the “rescued car” or on the ground, it is not recommended to connect it to the negative electrode;

(4) Clamp the other black end to the black negative battery of the “rescue car”;

(5) Start the engine of the “rescue vehicle” first, and then start the engine of the “rescued vehicle”. If the rescued vehicle still fails to start,

Please check the metal contact part for bad contact.

After starting the engine, you still need to remove the hot line in the previous order (remove the faulty vehicle first, then dismantle the rescue vehicle)

Otherwise, it may cause a short circuit.

– Comes With Zipped Carry Case With Handle



– 2000 AMP Heavy Duty Quality Booster Cables.

– Cables 4 Metres long.

– Tangle Free Cables

– Colour Coded Red (+) & Black (-).

– Suitable for cars, vans, light commercials up to 2.7LTR engines

– Ideal for 6V, 12V applications.

– Will Jump 12V batteries.

– Ergonomic Handles with Ultra Grip Jaws.

Package Included:

packing include:

1*4M cable


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