DH48S-2Z timer digital time relay

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DH48S-2Z timer digital time relay 0.1S-99 hours’ time delay relay
















Model DH48S / DH48S-S
Working power AC110V, 220V, 380V, 50HZ / 60HZ, DC12V 24V
Communication capacity AC220V 5A DC30V 5A (resistive load)
Contact form DH48S-1Z: 1C (1C)
DH48S-2Z: SPDT (2C)
DH48S-2ZH: 1C (1C) SPDT (1C)
DH48S-2Z-A: SPDT (2C)
DH48S-2Z-G: SPDT (2C)
DH48S-S: 1C (1C) SPDT (2C)
Working pattern DH48S: delayed DH48S-S: can choose between repeat circular delay and circular run times 1 ~ 15
Repeat error  ?? ¤ 1%
Timing range DH48S: 0.01 ~ 99.99s 1s ~ 99m99s 1m ~ 99h99m

DH48S-S: 0.1s ~ 990h

Outline dimension 48 * 48 * 105mm
Mounting type Panel mounting


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