CHINT KG316T Timer Control

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Original CHNT KG316T timer control switch 8 ON 8 OFF time controller microcomputer when AC220V

















Color: Black

Model: KG316T

Power: 600W

Power Consumption:<4VA

Rated Current: 3A

Heating Current: 10A

Rated Voltage: 220V

Voltage: AC 220V / 50Hz

Coil Power Supply: 220V

Contact Switching Voltage: 220V

Power Supply Range: 80%~110%

Ambient Temperature: -5~+40℃

Relative Temperature: <95%

Application Scope: Time

Timing Error: ± 2s / Day

Time Control Range: 1 min to 168 hours

Operation Modes: Manual, Automatic

Programmable Number:  16 Group

Output Mode: 1 Constant Open Contact

Electrical Service Life: 100,000 times

Mechanical Service Life: 1 million times

Installation Method: Device Type

Battery: 1X AAA Battery (not included)

Material: Plastic + Electronic Components

Size: (L)X(W)X(H) 121*75*50mm / 4.76”x2.95”x1.97”(appr.)



* Accurate time, simple operation.

* LCD display, the core uses multi-function microchip.

* Fire resistance and high temperature resistance shell.

* The set program is not affected by power outage, and it can also display and memorize the set time when blackout.

* 32 times a day or 16 times a day (16 group setting and 8 group setting can also not be so many times (arbitrarily set).

* The switching time can be circulate by day or week, the long control time is 168 hours, and the short control time is 1 minutes.



1. Used for electric water heater, electric heater, electric cooker, humidifier.

2. In the area where the peak and valley price is implemented, the timer will work for you to use the valley price.

3. The lighting control of street lamps, advertisement lights box, door lamplight and building exterior wall used for timing switch. For your grace at the same time, reasonable for you to save money.

4. Used for timed irrigation, regular drainage and aquarium rearing in garden.

5. The timing switch for monitoring video and the broadcast of regular school broadcasting. (eg: the timer can get hot water ready for you when you get up.)


Setting Steps:

1. Press the “reset/ recall” key 4 times to cancel the keyboard locking function, and the locking symbol in the lower left corner of the LCD panel disappears.

2. Press the “clock” key once, then separately press the “week” key, “hour” key and “minute” key, adjust the clock to the current time, and then press the “clock” key to confirm that the LCD will display the current time.

3. Press the “timer” key, in the lower left corner of the LCD display shows “1ON” (indicating the first time to open), and then press the “week” key, “hour” key and “minute” key, enter the required opening time.

4. Then press the “timer” key, and in the lower left corner of the LCD display shows “1OFF” (indicating the first time to close). Then press the “week” key, the “hour” key and “minute” key, and enter the required closing time.

5. Continue to press the “timer” key, in the lower left corner of the LCD display will display (2ON, 2OFF… 8ON, 8OFF), refer to the above steps to set the switching time of the rest of the groups.

6. When the timer is set up, should press the “clock” key to make the LCD display the current time. If not, the time controlled switch will automatically switch to the clock mode after 30 seconds.


Package included: 
1 Pcs Time Controller


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